With regards to your current CIP Card Terminal Rental payments that are collected by Paytek on the 10th of each month, we have been in detailed conversations for the past week and have agreed the below.

It is important that the Paytek Direct Debit Mandate is kept live for your card payment terminal to prevent closure of accounts and additional administrative work to re-activate future Direct Debits. The underpayment shall be collected as additional payments at the end of the minimum term. 

We will remain in continual contact throughout this on-going situation and liaise with Paytek regarding the monthly Direct Debit Payments.

Our Customer Support Line is still Operational and available for any technical or account queries by calling 0330 002 0786. 

From every member of The CIP Team, we thank you for your understanding and support during this most uncertain and unprecedented time. We hope that you and your family remain safe and well across the coming weeks.

Ciaran, Lyn and John
Card Industry Professionals