A huge shout out to all of the fantastic women working here at CIP who continue to support, champion and help the business grow. A special mention to Lyn our Operations Director. Lyn has dedicated herself to the UK payments industry for more than 20 years, helping to build, shape and structure the direct ISO channel for many acquiring banks.

Having joined her eldest son as a Director here at CIP in 2018, she has been instrumental in building the operations team, implementing best practice processes and through her experience is the person best placed at bridging the gap between the sales team and operations team within the business.

Reflecting on his mother’s journey and how she has always inspired him, Ciaran said “Having grown up hearing names and terminology from an early age, seeing the meetings around the kitchen table and the growth and development in the technology and the key partnerships within the industry during Lyn’s career to date, she always encouraged me to believe in myself, my knowledge of the marketplace and inspired me to start my own company within the industry.”

Our Operations Team Manager Bev commented “I’ve known Lyn since she interviewed me and I joined CIP in 2019. I previously worked for another ISO in the industry and she saw a potential in me that I possibly had not seen in myself and I’m grateful for this time together to this day. I have progressed so much under her guidance and mentoring.”