The time has come…
Businesses are reopening from 12th April! 


There’s probably lots on your mind as you get your business ready to reopen, one of the things we didn’t want you to miss from your list is your payment terminal. We’ve put together a few handy tips so you’ll have a smooth reopening.

Check the Power

1. Your terminal may have been dormant for some time. Plug in the power and give it a charge up before powering on. 

3. Check for updates and run a 1p test, this will confirm your transactions are processing correctly. 

2. Check your connectivity, If you’re WiFi or GPRS connected double check your terminal is connecting correctly. 

4. If you have any problems reach out to our team.
CIP Support Number: 

0330 002 0786

Good luck if you are reopening your business next week from all of us here at CIP 💙